Updated: March 21th 2016 16:42 is a project by students of Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen


In order to protect Hack My Site (our website) and the users of our website, we need these end user license terms to set out some rules for using our website. This license is a legal agreement between you and us (Hack My Site Howest) and describes the terms and conditions for using the website. We don't like reading license documents any more than you do, so we have tried to keep this as short as possible. If you break these rules we may stop you from using our If we think it is necessary, we might even have to ask our lawyers to help out. Please read, print and save a copy of these terms and conditions for your records because a copy won't be saved for you.

By using our website, you are agreeing to stick to the rules of these end user license agreement ("EULA") terms. If you don't want to or can't agree to these rules, then you must not use our website. This EULA incorporates the terms of use for the website, our logo and asset usage guidelines, and our privacy policy. By agreeing to this EULA you also agree to all of the terms of the foregoing documents, so please read through them carefully.

One major rule

The one major rule is that you may not harm or any website that is being reffered to from Harming includes but is not limited to:

  • Distributed Denial of Service
  • leaking confidential information obtained while pentesting a website
  • trying to make money by threatening another user to leak a bug or demanding money to explain or fix the bug

Otherwise we are quite relaxed about what you do - in fact we really encourage you to try cool stuff - but just don't do those things that we say you can't.

Using our website

The license and permission we give you to use our website can be revoked if you break any of the terms of this EULA.

When you use our website as a student, you accept the fact that this account is personal to you, so you are not allowed to distribute your credentials to our website to anyone else. This also means you cannot sell or rent your credentials, or make it available for access to other people.

By using our website as a company, you allow students of Howest to preform penetration tests on your website. Although disruptive pentests are not allowed, please note that some tests might not work out as planned. You should understand the risks that come with allowing students to pentest your website.

The HackMySite developers, project managers or Howest are not responsible for the outcome of the tests preformed by the students. This includes, but is not limited to damage to your website, servers that run the website or even your computer.


If you make any bug descriptions, solutions or other content available on or through our website, you agree to give us permission to use, copy, modify, adapt, distribute, and publicly display that content (although publicly displaying which websites contain which bugs is NOT our intention, this might happen by accident!). This permission is irrevocable, and you also agree to let us permit other people to use, copy, modify, adapt, distribute, and publicly display your content. You are not giving up your ownership rights in your content, you are just giving us and other users permission to use it. For example, we may need to copy, reformat, and distribute content that you post on our website so others can read it. If you don't want to give us these permissions, do not make content available on or through our website. Please think carefully before you make any content available, because it may be made public and might even be used by other people in a way you don't like.

If you are going to make something available on or through our website, it must not be offensive to people or illegal, it must be honest. Some examples of the types of things you must not make available using our website include: posts that include racist or homophobic language; posts that are bullying or trolling; posts that are offensive or that damage our or another person's reputation; posts that include porn; or posts that impersonate a moderator or try to trick or exploit people. Although Social Engineering is allowed, using Hack My Site as a medium is not allowed. There are enough external ways to contact a company other than Hack My Site.

We reserve the right to take down any content in our discretion.


We might make upgrades, updates or patches (we call them all "updates") to this website and its legal documents from time to time, but we don't have to. We are also not obliged to provide ongoing support or maintenance for this website. Of course, we hope to continue to release new updates for our website, we just can't guarantee that we will do so. With updates come changes, we keep ourself the right to add, edit or delete features at any time.

Liability and governing law

The terms of this EULA do not affect any legal (statutory) rights that you may have under the law that applies to you for the Game. You might have certain rights which the law that applies to you says cannot be excluded. Nothing we say in these terms will affect those legal rights, even if we say something which sounds like it contradicts your legal rights. That's what we mean when we say "subject to applicable law".

Subject to applicable law, when you use Hack My Site, we provide it "AS IS". Updates are also provided "AS IS". This means that we are not making any promises to you about the standard or quality of our website, or that our website will be uninterrupted or error free. We are not responsible for any loss or damage that it may cause. You bear the entire risk as to its quality and performance. You have to accept that we may release our website before it is complete and so it may (and often will) have bugs, but we prefer to release these features early than make you wait for perfection. If you would like to notify us about a potential bug, you can contact us through the contact form (as a company or unregistered user) or report a pentestable bug through the platform itself (as a student).

The laws of the country where you have your habitual residence govern this EULA and all disputes, including disputes relating to it and or our Website, regardless of conflict of laws principles.


If we want we can terminate this EULA if you breach any of the terms. You can terminate it too, at any time; all you have to do is remove your website from your account (as a company) and the EULA will be terminated. Students cannot remove their account from our site as this is using the Howest Account authentication. They can ask us by mail to be blocked from using the website. If the EULA is terminated, you will no longer have any of the rights to the website and its features given in this license. The paragraphs about "Liability and governing law" and "General Stuff" will continue to apply even after the EULA is terminated.


Your local law may give you rights that this EULA cannot change; if so, this EULA applies as far as the law allows. Nothing in this license limits our liability for death or bodily injury resulting from our negligence or fraudulent misrepresentations.

We may change this EULA from time to time, if we have reason to, such as changes to our website, our practices, or our legal obligation. But those changes will be effective only to the extent that they can legally apply. In that case we'll inform you of the change before it takes effect, either by posting a notice on our Website or by other reasonable means. We're not going to be unfair about this though - but sometimes the law changes or someone does something that affects other users of the website and we therefore need to put a lid on it.

If you come to us with a suggestion for our website, that suggestion is made for free and we have no obligation to accept or consider it. This means we can use or not use your suggestion in any way we want and we don't have to pay you for it.